Polyethylene Balls (High Density)

Polyethylene Balls (High Density) is an FDA approved plastic. It is more stress crack resistant than polyethylene low density balls.


Physical Properties

Specific Gravity 0.96
Water Absorbtion (Method A, 24hr)% —–
Tensile Strength at Yield, 100 psi 4.2
Elongated at Yield, % 900
Elastic Modulus In Tension, 10 to the 5th power psi —–
Flexural Strength in Tension, 10 to the 5th power psi —–
Elastic Modulus in Flexure, 10 to the 5th power psi —–
Compressive Strength at Yield, 1000 psi —–
Rockwell Hardness (Method A) R30-60
Maximum Service Temperature in °F 160
Natural Color milky white
Color Possibilities unlimited
Clarity translucent to opaque

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