Monel (400) Balls

Monel balls are recommended for applications requiring a very high resistance to corrosion. Balls made of Monel are impervious to the effects of steam, gas, salt water, ammonia, calcium chloride, and the acids associated with food products even at high temperatures.


Material Analysis

Nickel 63.00/70.00%
Aluminum —–
Iron 2.50% max.
Manganese 2.00% max.
Carbon 0.30% max.
Silicon 0.50% max.
Copper Balance


Mechanical Properties (Annealed Condition)

Tensile strength 79/90 Kpsi
Yield strength 24/40 Kpsi
Elongation in two inches 60/35%
Density(nominal) 0.319 lbs/cubic inch


See K-Monel balls.

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