Glass Balls

Glass Balls are dimensionally stable, resist corrosion and chemical absorption and can withstand high temperatures (up to 600° F.) Density varies depending on the type of glass used to manufacture the ball.


We provide high precision balls from the following types of glass:


Black Glass Balls

Black glass balls are used in a variety of functions, however, it is most common in instrumentation. Black Glass is used in flow-meters and indicators. Black glass balls are moderately resistant to corrosion.


Borosilicate Glass Balls

Borosilicate glass balls are highly resistant to corrosion and most acids. Strong resistance to thermal shock and extended exposure to temperatures of up to 600° F ( 290° C ).


Soda-Lime Glass Balls

Soda-Lime glass balls are used in economical check valves that are not subjected to thermal mechanical shock. Highly resistant to high alkaline solutions.

The information on this web site is intended for guidance only. Since we gathered technical data from various technical sources, the actual mechanical and physical properties will vary from one lot of material to the next. Therefore, we accept no liability for deficiencies or damages arising from the use of this data, and customers should determine the suitability of a material or product by conducting practical tests under realistic conditions.