Aluminum 2017 Balls

Stronger than other aluminum alloys in the 2000 series, but harder to machine. A good general purpose aluminum alloy. Workability and corrosion resistance is considered fair.


Material Analysis

Silicon 0.20 to 0.8
Iron to 0.7
Copper 3.5 to 4.5
Manganese 0.40 to 1.0
Magnesium 0.40 to 0.8
Chromium to 0.10
Zinc to 0.25
Titanium to 0.15
Others to 0.05


Mechanical Properties

Temper T4
Yield KSI  10
MPa 69
Ultimate KSI   26
MPa  179
Elongation / 4D 22%
Hardness / Brinell 500kg 10mm 45
Ultimate Shearing Strength KSI   18
MPa  124
Fatigue / Endurance Limit – R.R. Moore Type KSI  13
MPa  90


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